What I do...

Marketing Strategy & Planning : A fresh pair of eyes

Many businesses are running on a ‘treadmill’ and either going nowhere fast or just not quite getting to the next level.

Many are wasting time and money everyday by jumping from one project to the next, in the hope it will be the magic needed to achieve profitability and sustained growth.

I meet businesses where the senior management are not quite sure of their proposition, their audience or ideal client and are either doing a little inconsistent marketing or none at all.

Often they are stressed, pouring in hours and hours of effort, with profit and sales up one month, down the next. Sound like you?

My aim is to make sure you are getting the most from your efforts.

Working with me you will get a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business and get an impartial, objective view of what you need to tweak to get your business growing steadily and profitably.

Marketing Delivery & Implementation : Helping you to make it happen

I'll ask you a lot of questions, help you identify where there is room for improvement, what you need to fix and where you should be putting your time and money.

Do not be under the illusion I wave a magic wand and overnight it will all be fixed. I can help you identify what to focus on, what to stop doing, what to do differently, and where to spend your money, . BUT it needs COMMITMENT and a BIG EFFORT from you too.

Working with me you will get an injection of passion, energy and support to help get you on the road to sustained profitable business growth.

Why? Because you deserve to have a brilliant business

My business is about helping you build your business. It’s great to see the impact of my help with business owners like you, and their team.

I love seeing their relief as they start to feel able to take control of their business growth. And their elation and ethusiasm when they can clearly see the bigger picture and the little steps on the horizon that will get them going quickly from strength to strength.

Business owners, and their teams, pour hours of blood, sweat and tears into building their business; with this amount of effort you deserve to have a brilliant business.

I'm passionate about making your business a brilliant success.