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If, like many small businesses, you haven’t planned in or done anything about your Christmas marketing activity then fear not. Here are 5 great, last minute marketing ideas that are simple, fast and don’t cost the earth.

Personalised Christmas cards

Christmas cards are a great way to say thank you for your relationship and business over the year.

It doesn’t have to take long to put together a personalised Christmas card. It’s dead easy to use some online design tools to create a card and then have a printer print them up.

Alternatively, many of the big online printers will have ready-made corporate cards and you will be able to personalise your message inside and add your company logo. Either send the cards directly or get them into the office and sign them.

Top tips: For a front cover you could think about a collage of the team to make it more personal and human. You can even get the whole team to sign them.

Spruce up your social media

Get creative with your products and think about how they can be used as a Christmas gift.

Think about who the present might be for and also about who might be looking to buy it to help identify your target audiences – e.g. ideal Christmas gift for your coffee-loving girlfriend.

Create some lovely social media posts using a tool like Canva and schedule for a few posts every day.

Top tip: It might be an idea to include a countdown message ‘til the last order date to guarantee delivery.

Festive fun with videos

Christmas doesn’t always have to be about sales. It can be about building relationships, customer loyalty and showing your businesses human side. When better to have a bit of fun than at Christmas time?

Get creative with video and use your smartphones to pull together a short video of the team singing some Christmas jingles. You could adapt the words and do your very own 12 days of Christmas.

It doesn’t have to be polished – sometimes quick and simple can be very effective. Have a look for a video editing app on your phone to bring clips together and polish up. Share on social media and as a e-shot to your database.

Give a gift

It’s always nice to receive something out of the blue. Have a think about a gift you could give your customers. Well thought through, unusual and quirky gifts can strike a chord.

Gift ideas could include an add-on product to what they have already bought, something complementary that works well with your product or something completely standalone – chocolates, bottle of wine or bubbly, a book or gift voucher.

Top tip: Go the extra mile and deliver your Christmas gifts (if you can) in person for that added value and personal touch.

Give a special offer or a discount

Everybody loves a little something extra and what better time of the year than to treat your customers than Christmas?

An offer or discount doesn’t have to be overly expensive of grand.

You could throw in something extra to your customers’ next purchase – a great way to encourage repeat business come the bleak month of January. A beauty salon may offer a free manicure to go along with their cut and blow-dry.

Or you can simply apply a discount - 10% off. You can also extend your offer terms and conditions to include the post-Christmas season to perk up your sales in January.

Top tip: If you are running an offer into the New Year remember to contact your customers to remind them of the end dates – a little text or email can work well if you have the data to support that type of activity.

These 5 ideas should give you inspiration for a quick fix.

Top tip: For next year make sure you add Christmas activity into you annual marketing activity calendar.

And start working on your Christmas marketing at least 8 weeks before you will start using it – that may seem excessive but restaurants and hotels often start working on their Christmas marketing as early as springtime!

Jane Cuthbertson is a Chartered Marketer based in Stirling, Scotland.

With a diverse marketing background, she specialises in setting strategic marketing plans with long-term goals and is skilled in implementing integrated marketing programmes that deliver sales results.

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