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3 Day Bootcamp


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- DAY 1 -

Strategic Thinking Time

we will look at where you would like your business to go - set goals & plan how to deliver - review your strengths & weaknesses - identify what's blocking your success - share prioritisation & productivity tools


- DAY 2 -

Get Under the Skin of Your Buyer

to sell to your buyer you need to understand what makes them tick - we will deep dive into the world of your buyer - create buyer personas for your ideal buyer - find out where to market & with what marketing media


- DAY 3 -

Watertight Marketing™ Masterclass

we will cover the six steps of marketing - your buyers path to purchase - the trademark logic sandwich to deliver the right message at the right time - you'll complete a thirteen touchpoint leak assessment to identify your 2017 marketing priorities

Practical 3-day marketing planning programme with like-minded business owners

Is the bootcamp for me?

✓ Yes, if you find you can never find the time to work on your business.

Yes, f you don't have a marketing plan, are struggling or stuck with where to start developing a marketing plan or not even sure what marketing is. You’re not alone and we help businesses just like you.

✓ Yes, if you want to invest in you and your business; remember you will learn skills and an approach to marketing that you will be able to use over and over again.

✓ Yes, if you are serious about stepping up your business growth and getting to grips with marketing. It will be a jam-packed, energetic and fun 3-days, but you will be required to do some work and thinking!

✓ Yes, if you like learning by getting stuck into doing and would love the support of an experienced marketing professional.

About the bootcamp

Join a small group of like-minded business owners and together we will put in place a structured marketing plan using our experience, practical exercises over three days and the award winning Watertight Marketing™ approach.

This is an intensive, hands-on, planning programme. We will give you the advice you need to define and refine your marketing plan, identify your key marketing priorities and get you on the path to business growth this year - and every year to follow.

  • 3 day programme
  • Earlybird* offer £600 +VAT (normal price £850 +VAT) per business, bring along another member of your team for only £100+VAT
  • Maximum 12 companies per programme
  • Venue : tbc
  • Sweet treats, teas and coffee provided!

All bootcampers get a strategic planning workbook, buyer persona and a prioritised 12 month marketing action plan.

You’ll also get a copy of the award winning Watertight Marketing™ book – The entrepreneurs essential guide to marketing, free access to the Watertight Marketing™ members’ club and access to the companion workbooks and examples.

*Earlybird offer applies until 6 weeks before confirmed dates

About your host

Jane Cuthbertson, Chartered Marketer and Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant, will guide you through the strategic marketing planning process, getting crystal clear on where you want your business to go, getting closer to understanding your buyers than ever before and identifying your marketing priorities. With this knowledge we will turn it into a 12 month actionable marketing plan for your business.

By the end of the programme you’ll be clear where you are going with your business and how to get there. You’ll be inspired and motivated to get started, confident in the knowledge it is the right marketing to the right audience – the easier way to marketing success and business growth.

"Fantastic session. Jane didn't just tell you what you should do, she showed you how to do it. A really powerful session."

Bryony Thomas, Author and Founder of Watertight Marketing

What you'll cover:

  • Why having a marketing plan is important to your business
  • Understand marketing planning and how this underpins all the other aspects of marketing like social media, digital marketing and content marketing
  • How to set measurable business goals and track measurement throughout the coming year
  • Your business direction and how to articulate your vision and mission
  • Idenify what’s blocking your business growth
  • What you are wasting time and money on that you can stop – or put on hold
  • Uncover the who your buyers really are and ideas for how to market to them
  • Understand your marketing priorities and number 1 marketing profit leak
  • Document your 2017 marketing plan and calendar
  • Identify the resources you need to make it happen

By the end you will be able to:

  • Explain why marketing planning is critical to successful business growth
  • Write down your business vision
  • Keep your simple, straight-forward marketing plan by your side to keep you on track
  • Hang your buyer persona board on your office wall to keep you mindful who your buyer actually is
  • Create a content calendar of what your marketing will say month-by-month
  • Stop doing stuff that can wait
  • Start creating and delivering the right marketing to the right audience at the right time
  • Get on with fixing your marketing profit leaks

Why come to the bootcamp? The benefits for you and your business

Having a clear plan in place is a massive step forward in helping you grow your business. However, this is more than just an investment in your business. This is also an investment in you – you will gain knowledge over 3-days that you will be able to use time and time again as long as you are in business.

By the end of the 3-days:

  • You’ll be crystal clear on what you want to achieve within your business, what marketing is most likely to work and where to put your marketing efforts for maximum success.
  • You’ll have a marketing plan written down giving you a clear set of marketing actions to put the right marketing in place and a path to grow your business.
  • You’ll know exactly who your buyer is and be clear best way to engage them.
  • You’ll know the resource – manpower and money – that you will need to deliver your marketing plan to grow your business.
  • Your marketing plan will become your reference point – so when starting any marketing activities you’ll know whether they will support you on delivering your business goals, or, if not, you’ll know the marketing activities to put on the back burner or ditch all together.

Remember marketing planning is an ongoing process – you need to track your progress and measure what’s working and what’s not. We recommend a quarterly planning review with you and your team to keep you accountable, on track and motivated to keep going.


Five reasons to attend a bootcamp

Rather than continue stumbling around making no real progress or jumping into a longer term expensive consultancy or outsourced marketing engagement reduce your risk and increase your knowledge first.

Time-out – take the opportunity to have time out to really focus on your business rather than working in it.

Grow your knowledge – after attending you will be more educated about strategic marketing and planning therefore be better placed for using the right marketing to grow your business.

Be inspired to grow your business with confidence and speed – share and discuss your marketing problems with other business owners, collectively you'll inspire each other and generate powerful, creative ideas to develop your business with confidence and speed.

Get a taste of how marketing can be – you’re not jumping into long term relationship but you will leave with a clear, actionable marketing plan and be better placed to assess whether you need extra marketing support in your business.

Fixed price – a bootcamp is a one off cost with no obligation for an ongoing engagement. After you have completed the bootcamp you will be able to decide if you need additional marketing support in your business.

Take action now – put the right marketing plan in place to boost your business

You know that having a marketing plan is really important, but you don't have one and how do you put one together? And get it right?

If you are in business, then you are marketing – even if you don’t think you are! This bootcamp will help you establish how to improve your marketing to grow your business.

If not knowing where to start with marketing has been holding you back, or you’ve been merrily marketing here, there and everywhere with the hope that some of it sticks, then our three day bootcamp is a quick and practical programme to get you out of the cycle and confidently put the right marketing in place to succeed.

Start growing your business now!

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Fancy 1-1 help? 1-1 planning starts from £1,200 +VAT