Making your marketing happen

Marketing Strategy identifies where you should be going with your business, while a Marketing Plan will give you a clear picture of what you need to do to achieve the sales and profit goals you have for your business.

Marketing Strategy and Planning is a way to give you better control of your marketing, and your budget. Just getting on with it, throwing money and resource at marketing, without a coordinated and well thought through Marketing Plan can cost you dearly - both in time and money. So, let's identify your priorities and spend your budget wisely , rather than waste your money.

With a well thought through Marketing Strategy and Plan in place you will be able to act quickly, respond to opportunities and nimbly tweak your marketing activity to have an even bigger impact!

Marketing Strategy

Your tailored marketing strategy will give you a crystal clear view of where you're business is headed and the logical next steps you need to take to get there.

In developing your marketing strategy we will:

  • get clear about your business vision
  • get to know your products and your profit drivers
  • understand your ideal client and develop ideal client personas
  • be clear on the markets to focus on first - tackling one thing at a time is important (more on that later)
  • get to know your strengths and weaknesses and idenify solutions for plugging any gaps
  • have a look at your competition
  • be clear about your opportunities
  • set realistic sales targets

Marketing Planning

Who, what, why, where, when, how and how much? Your marketing plan will answer all these questions.

By developing a robust marketing plan you will:

  • be clear of where to spend your time and money with a prioritised and costed 12 month marketing plan
  • get a joined up picture of what marketing activity you are doing, when you are doing it, who it is for and why
  • ensure you have continuous and consistent marketing activity in place
  • be able to measure the effect of your marketing efforts - matching marketing spend back to sales
  • know what marketing operational support you need to deliver. To help with your marketing operation you may also want to consider outsourced marketing

To help with marketing planning I use the award winning Watertight Marketing™ methodologies.

Outsourced Marketing

No marketing support? Small marketing team but no Marketing Manager to coordinate it all for you? Sound like you?

Let us make your life easier by bringing your marketing strategy and plan to life.

Marketing nowadays has many different areas. There are experts in strategy, planning, copywriting, advertising, web design, analytics, digital and social media to mention only a few. It takes skill and an orchestrated approach to make it happen. It's not easy.

We can help you implement your marketing plan. We work with a range of specialists to make your marketing happen. Read more on outsourcing your marketing department.