Touchpoint Leak™ Assessment

Touchpoints? A 'touchpoint' is the way someone, sees, interacts or engages with your business or brand.

Leaks? A 'leak' is when that touchpoint is not supported properly by your business and therefore leaks sales and profit. Do you know your businesses touchpoints?

As identified in Watertight Marketing™ below are the most commonly seen gaps in your buyer's decision making process - the THIRTEEN TOUCHPOINT LEAKS™:


Leak #1 – Forgotten customers

Do you have a consistent customer communications that proactively addresses any service needs and keeps your business in their minds?

Leak #2 – Poor on-boarding

Is there a structured approach to communication with your new customers as they settle into their relationship with you, which demonstrates that your service is consistent with the expectations they had?

Leak #3 – No emotional connection

Does your visual and written style have a personal touch that’s friendly and allows people to make an emotional connection with your business?

Leak #4 – No gateway

Does your business offer a coherent set of products that lead helpfully from one to the next, with the inclusion of a stepping stone that allows people to understand what it’s like to be a customer before they are one?

Leak #5 – No critical approval

Is there a clear way of educating, or helping your buyer educate, anyone who could veto the purchase decision?

Leak #6 – No proof

Are you systematic about signposting some sort of proof against every promise or claim that you make?

Leak #7 – Information overload

Do you have a steady stream of relevant information that invites people into finding out more?

Leak #8 – How

Is your content available in a range of familiar and novel formats so that people can engage with ease and enjoyment?

Leak #9 – Where

Are there at least three places to put your materials that you know your potential buyers already access?

Leak #10 – When

Have you made a commitment to timing the release of your materials so that people are most likely to notice it?

Leak #11 – Who

Is there a way of getting people talking about your business so that buyers hear something good about you regardless of who they turn to?

Leak #12 – What

Do you have an absolute clarity of purpose in telling people what your business does?

Leak #13 – No emotional impact

Do you strike an emotional chord with your potential buyer that means they can’t help but notice you and they feel compelled to take action?

The THIRTEEN TOUCHPOINT LEAK™ framework is copyrighted to Watertight Marketing™ which Jane Cuthbertson is licenced to use.