“Giving business owners the marketing clarity and structure to take calm control of business growth in the long term.”

Bryony Thomas, Author & Founder – Watertight Marketing

An award winning approach

The award winning Watertight Marketing™ approach is a step-by-step framework to give any business a clear path to improving sales, profitability and customer experience.

I am currently one of a hand-picked network of Watertight Marketing™ consultants.

To become an Accredited Watertight Marketing™ Consultant I firstly had to have the necessary qualifications and experience to be considered, and have been personally trained by Bryony Thomas to use her unique Watertight Marketing™ methodology.

As part of the network, Accredited Consultants are continually learning and developing through sharing expertise and ongoing training.

Contact me to find out how to implement Watertight Marketing™ in your business.

What is Watertight Marketing™?

Watertight Marketing™ uses of some classic marketing theories in a simple practical way, rounded off with Bryony Thomas' unique concepts like the LOGIC SANDWICH and THIRTEEN TOUCHPOINT LEAK™ ASSESSMENT.

In simple terms Watertight Marketing™ aims to stop the yo-yo cycle of sales and marketing spend that many businesses find themselves in. Through a structured approach Watertight Marketing™ identifies where your business is leaking profit and provides a easy to follow, prioritised plan to plug the profit leaks in your business.


Getting Watertight Marketing™ in place means that you can step off the exhausting roller coaster of being up one minute and down the next: selling then delivering, then selling then delivering, then selling then delivering – never quite reaching those sustainable, predictable and growing sales results that your small business needs to become a bigger business.

The step-by-step framework leaves any business with a clear path to improving sales, profitability and customer experience. It's an award winner and a must have for businesses and marketers alike.

Take calm control of your business growth

Fix your profit leaks - use the Thirteen Touchpoint Leaks™ to assess exactly where you could tweak your profits up.

Forget marketing fads - this is a book that captures the fundamentals of marketing that every business owners needs to know to truly understand the tactics you need.

Take calm confident control - the book guides you step-by-step through reviewing and building a marketing operation that builds long-term sales results.

Ditch the yo-yo and get marketing fit - this is about long-term, sustainable, sales results. No magic wands on offer here.